Valerie Anne Bubb
Photo by Edmond Kwong, 2004
Who am I?   Born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN, I attended R. Nelson Snider high School. Deciding that I was ready to move away from home (but not too far!) I went to Purdue University where I received a degree in computer science in December of 1996. With my new degree in hand, I came out to the Silicon Valley and began my career as a developer on the SunScreen Firewall, a product of Sun Microsystems, Inc. I'm still actively involved in the Solaris Security arena, though currently working with the Solaris Cryptographic Framework. In my (minimal) spare time, I enjoy performing at the Gaslighter Theaterand other local theaters.

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Me, my family and friends, and travel photos throughout the decades (this is a work in progress, so watch for more later):


Since moving out to the Bay Area, I've gotten involved in theater again. I am a regular on the Gaslighter Theater's stage. So far, I only have up pictures from the Gaslighter, but there will be more to come...


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  • wHoRse Featuring Stella from Sister Soleil and Stella Soleil! Their cover of A Horse With No Name is amazing. Buy their CD. Really.


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